If there is a situation where you have to pick, ask your raid lead. Otherwise, you’ll have to throw in Rifle Shots a lot more frequently. This happens mainly on tanks but happens on healers and DPS frequently as well. You should be using Backstab, Shiv/Veiled Strike, Volatile Substance everytime they come off cooldown. This effect can only occur once … Players will among other things experience new abilities, Set Bonuses, and Tactical items.To help explain it all, The developers over at BioWare are releasing a series of articles featuring each Advanced Class’s new ability, as well as new Set Bonuses and Tactical items. If Adrenaline Probe is available, do not use Crippling Slice until after you have activated Adrenaline Probe. There are two reasons for this: Make sure that the full duration of Stim Boost is always within the active duration of the Primeval Fatesealer relic. Volatile Substance has to be delayed until after Backstab because otherwise the Acid Blade DoT will detonate Volatile Substance instead before Veiled Strike comes off cooldown, robbing you of your autocrits. Since it has the same cooldown duration as Tactical Overdrive, it’s easy to always use them both at the same time. When you switch targets, Acid Blade might not be on the target and Backstab has a relatively long cooldown, so you may have to use Corrosive Dart to trigger it, and that might not be worth applying if the target is about to die since it’s an 18 second DoT. You do not need them. Might be bugged on Operative, since he's not getting the same numbers on a Scoundrel though. They are overall best-in-slot and will provide a noticeable DPS increase, but they are even more ridiculously expensive than the purple 286 augments. Defensively, Concealment is definitely one of the worst specs in the game. You also don’t want to let the Acid Blade DoT fall off, so you may need to use Lacerate first even if you don’t have 3 TAs. This cooldown can be used defensively in order to stealth rez someone. Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3. I’m not going to get into which specific versions of enhancements and such to use. Don’t save it for so long that you could have been able to use it once and have it come off cooldown again before you get to the point in the fight where you think you’ll need it. This is important to know as you get close to 60 Energy. This means you will have a hard time standing in things you aren’t supposed to like you can with some of the other reflects and you can’t reflect periodic damage ever since Evasion purges most debuffs. Use your ship's galaxy map to travel to Vaiken Spacedock. Also make sure Shield Probe is on cooldown and activate it if it isn’t since there’s no reason not to use it at this point. That’s almost half of your total damage output from just a single ability! You might be able to use it to sneak past some groups of trash enemies, but that requires the whole group to be more coordinated than it usually is during trash. I would like to thank Insta, Dot, and Healthbars for reviewing this guide. The worst that can happen if you delay them is that you may face enrage, whereas if you die, that can cause a wipe. Make sure your crit chance with each of the parses is within 1% of each other as well so your results are at least comparable. Dealing damage this way causes your next Backstab to critically hit. Just like the Acid Blade proc, this should never fall off. This is your CC break. Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. These cooldowns are much simpler than the multi-purpose ones since there’s really only one way to use them. It deals slightly less damage than Rifle Shot. Since TAs are in relatively short supply, you generally do want to use this ability if it is available and you have less than 3 TAs, provided that Volatile Substance and/or Backstab are also not available. So long as you do Crippling Slice roughly on cooldown and don’t use Corrosive Dart too often, you should be fine. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​acid_lash, Nothing personal, kid. The armor penetration proc should also never fall off since it lasts longer than Backstab’s cooldown. Crippling Slice does not have any additional procs, debuffs, or discipline passives associated with it that are relevant to your rotation. How can I maximize my uptime? As a result of all this, Crippling Slice accounts for about 4% of your total damage output. This tactical is gained from defeating Operation bosses. Definitely use Volatile Substance and/or Backstab before using this ability, and use Veiled Strike as well if you have the Energy and time left on the Acid Blade DoT, though there will very often be something you need to do in a GCD, so you usually just have to bite the bullet and sometimes delay Volatile Substance by a GCD to use this ability. Complete SWTOR Concealment 6.0+ Operative Guide (Damage, PvE only), suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! If you really want to do the maximum amount of DPS, you can take Precision Instruments and Imperial Tactics instead of Infiltrator and Med Shield. Since the DoT only lasts 6 seconds, there’s a high chance it will fall off if there is any sort of downtime. Corrosive Dart does not have any additional procs, debuffs, or discipline passives associated with it that are relevant to your rotation. It allows you to more frequently perform stealth rezzes and use your medpac. Activating Evasion grants Blow for Blow, returning 150% of direct single target force/tech damage taken back to the attacker while Evasion is active. Wait to use your Medpac until you can fully benefit from the heal. Take Evasive Imperative as well if you’re able to reflect more often than once per minute. This priority is very similar to the priority with Acid Lash, the only real difference is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the Acid Blade DoT. Laceration and Volatile Substance: 3 Targets. If this comes up, you may have messed up and this could have been a time to do the Volatile Strike sequence, though I have seen it where you’d have to delay Veiled Strike and then not have a TA for a GCD or two, so if for whatever reason Veiled Strike is not available, just make sure to put a GCD in between Backstab and Volatile Substance so that the Acid Blade DoT won’t detonate Volatile Substance. Volatile Strike. When you have the opportunity to gain a TA, it’s important that you don’t already have the maximum number of TAs or else you will effectively be wasting it, so you have to predict when you’re about to get one to avoid this. Generally, the unlettered stuff is pretty close to optimal if it isn’t outright followed by R and AR mods. In addition, try to only activate it immediately after using Stim Boost so you get the full benefit of the cooldown reduction. An AoE ability’s place in the priority is as high as it can be until it reaches a single target ability that deals more damage than the AoE will deal to all enemies in the GCD. In the meantime, Eric Musco took some time to talk us through what is coming in this round of changes as quite a bit is changing. Never take this. Normally, Medpacs can only be used once per fight and each fight is determined by entering and exiting combat. If you don’t have Tactical Overdrive available for a burst DPS check, use Stim Boost alongside this sequence for a smaller amount of burst. Yes, that’s right folks! Stim Boost is used a second time exclusively for the TA it provides, which is a bit wasteful. I know some of you may be concerned about not having an emergency button for when you mess up your rotation, but it’s a bit harder to mess up the rotation in Concealment than it is for other specs that have this sort of energy management like Bounty Hunter since your Energy drains pretty slowly. Furthermore, melee/ranged damage tends to last for a lot longer than this defensive. Rifle Shot should only be used if you don’t have enough Energy to use Corrosive Dart or if Corrosive Dart is still active on the target. This is your raid buff. Sever Tendon will now grant a Tactical Advantage. You may need to use it if you happen to get below 60 Energy, though if that happens when you don’t have Adrenaline Probe, you’ve messed up your rotation and need to spend more time practicing on the dummy. The effect is nice, but Corrosive Dart already takes priority in situations where you don’t have a TA since it deals nearly identical damage to Laceration and you can’t really spare the Energy cost to use Sever Tendon that close to a Corrosive Dart unless you take Precision Instruments. I’ve been able to do over 23k with Acid Lash and about 21k with Volatile Strike, so you really do have to be struggling in order for this tactical to be better for you. Also, anytime you see yourself dip below 60 Energy, even for a moment, just use Rifle Shot once or twice and you’ll be fine for a little while. Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. Since those MK-11 kits are still a bit expensive, I recommend only augmenting the final pieces of your gear, so 306 left side, MH/OH, and set bonus pieces. Over those 15 seconds, you’ll be able to do a single extra ability (12 abilities vs 11) thanks to the shorter GCD. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​prepared_strike, "I'm the bomber." Holotraverse with the Circumvention utility is used to gain the TA. Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Shield Probe by 30%. Always take this. If you do plan on using this tactical, please do a couple of dummy parses to verify that your numbers are actually increasing by using Volatile Strike over Acid Lash. It should be used on cooldown just like any other offensive cooldown unless it needs to be used for a burst phase or DPS check, normally the raid lead will make the call on when these should be used. If you really want to be a clicker, I highly recommend you at least keybind this ability or you will have trouble with some of the shorter casts that need to be interrupted. Volatile Strike makes it so Bludgeon/Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by the unexploded Blood Boiler/Volatile Substance and triggers it immediately. Acid Lash tactical item – This is your default tactical item that makes it so your Acid Blade DoT deals more damage and dealing damage with Laceration refreshes the duration on the Acid Blade DoT and ticks its damage. Guaranteed high burst on a reasonably short cool down. Even in the most ideal short burst DPS checks, Volatile Strike performs about equally to Acid Lash, but for anything longer and Acid Lash quickly performs far better. If you’re having to use Noxious Knives frequently, you should consider switching to Lethality or, provided there isn’t a single target DPS check, using the Explosive Cells tactical item as well. The conventional wisdom with offensive cooldowns is that they should be used as often as possible in order to maximize their number of uses in a given fight so that you deal as much DPS as possible, provided that they don’t need to be saved for a burst DPS check of course. If you can afford to wait at least 1 GCD before you have to refresh the Acid Blade DoT and the conditions are met to use Veiled Strike and Crippling Slice, use one of those abilities before using Laceration. I also want to thank my raid team, Time Turners. If you find yourself frequently needing to delay Stim Boost for defensive purposes or if it is difficult or impossible to keep high uptime on the Acid Blade DoT, you may want to consider using the Serendipitous Assault relic instead. Countermeasures should be used as a movement speed boost only after you are within 30m of the boss or if you are still beyond 30m range after both charges of Exfiltrate have already been used. For Empire side players, your goal is to take out the You want to use Exfiltrate while you are more than 30m away because it costs a GCD to use and you don’t want to use it when you could be using other GCDs instead. There are two defensive uses for Evasion: Evasion is much stronger as an offensive cooldown with the Blow for Blow utility, which lets you reflect 150% of the direct single target damage you take for the duration of Evasion. Although it will take some time to see how the overall class balance ends up, Operative DPS is probably slightly weaker now relative to the other classes, although it plays somewhat similar to its previous iterations across both Disciplines. When exactly you use Crippling Slice is going to depend largely on what abilities you have or are about to have available, what your Energy level is, and how much time is left on the Acid Blade DoT, very similar to how Veiled Strike works. In addition, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% uptime on both the Acid Blade DoT and Corrosive Dart. Note – Tacticals that drop from the Dxun Operation and Corellia Flashpoint or are Crafted, are not available for purchase on the Set Bonus and Tactical Vendors on your factions Fleet. I want to start this section by going over the Tactical Advantage (TA) proc since it is an integral part of playing Operative in general. This game is designed around each role being able to fully perform all of its duties without the need for another off-role’s help. The flat damage increase does not have any effect on your rotation, I only included it since it specifically mentioned this Laceration and Collateral Strike. If you’re below 75 Energy when you activate this, you’ll go below 60 Energy and hurt your regeneration rate. In addition, do not use this ability if you are below 80 Energy; even though you can technically afford to use the ability, you will run out of Energy from doing the rest of your rotation and end up having to do too many Rifle Shots. Level 75 content: Advanced Kyrprax Attack Adrenal, Sub-level 75 content: Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal. If the Acid Blade DoT will fall off in the next GCD, Laceration also takes priority over Crippling Slice. Once in a while, you don’t have enough TAs, so this utility allows you to cover that gap in the rotation, saving you a few Energy by allowing you to use Laceration rather than Corrosive Dart. You have to constantly keep tabs on how many GCDs are left on the Acid Blade DoT, keep stock of how many TAs you have, how much Energy you have, and make split-second decisions about which ability to use in the moment. The Sleep Dart effect will always be useless because you can’t ever use it during a boss fight, but you may get rare use out of the Countermeasures effect if there is a DoT that can be cleansed by Escape, like on Cartel Warlords. It will usually be one of your default utilities since it allows you to use your gap closer more frequently and causes it to provide you with a TA, which you can definitely make use of. Since Stim Boost does relatively little to increase your sustained DPS, you should definitely save it if there’s a phase coming up where you’ll be taking more damage coming up. Always take this. Countermeasures with the Ghost discipline passive and Curative Agent utility. Since this ability has such a long cooldown, it doesn’t matter too much if you delay it for a little while since it’s unlikely to change the number of uses throughout the fight, though do be mindful of whether or not you are able to squeeze in an extra use before the end of the fight. It can be tempting to just drain your TAs by using multiple Lacerations in a row, but if Crippling Slice or Volatile Substance become available, it’s important to use those immediately instead. I understand this might not always be possible if you need to use it for defensive purposes. Take this utility only if you are also taking Blow for Blow and thanks to this utility would be able to reflect damage more often than once per minute. Use Overload Shot instead if there’s a GCD where you don’t have enough TAs to do Laceration. This is your strongest AoE ability by far, though it does cost a TA and is significantly more expensive than Laceration. Since Exfiltrate has such a short cooldown and two charges, you shouldn’t ever have to decide between using it for mobility or cheesing, though if you do ever come across a situation where you have to choose, make sure you have one charge to cheese the damage. Never take this. The most frequent decision you’ll be making is when exactly to use Veiled Strike and Crippling Slice and when to use Laceration. Don’t do this if you don’t have enough Energy though, you definitely don’t want to run out in the middle of your boosted DPS window. This extremely gruesome ability deals nearly the same amount of damage as Backstab, though due to its longer cooldown, it only accounts for only about 10% of your total damage output. Collateral Strike – Laceration triggers a Collateral Strike, dealing additional kinetic damage. The DPS increase from the alacrity is relatively small, though it can make a bigger difference during a burst DPS check. On fights without much movement where this ability isn’t needed as a gap closer, it should be used as needed to generate a TA. Purges are stronger than cleanses because they remove all removable debuffs rather than just two and can remove things that cleanses can’t always remove. This is your mez, a CC ability that breaks on damage. Dealing damage this way causes the next Back Blast/Backstab to critically hit. When you reach level 75 (the current new level cap in Onslaught), a whole new world of opportunities opens up for you and your character. 3,000 Tech Fragments + 1 million credits Volatile Strike makes it so Bludgeon/Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by the unexploded Blood Boiler/Volatile Substance and triggers it immediately. In order to get the full effect of this ability, you should wait to use it until you’re at about 30-35 Energy, so just keep doing your rotation normally until you get there. This can happen if you switched targets or otherwise let the Acid Blade DoT fall off. Toxic Haze (Tech/Internal/Periodic/AoE/Instant). Operative / Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​leeching_shiv, "Learn about a species art, and you will know that species tactics." Star Wars: The Old Republic is set following an uneasy peace is established between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The second function is as a 50% movement speed boost. Gold 300 augments (Superior [type] Augment 77 + Augmentation Kit 11). The Tactician’s set bonus also allows you to deal slightly increased damage, so long as you have at least 1 TA, so you never want to go below 1 TA. A Collection of Class Mirror Ability Tables. Going below 60 Energy quickly becomes a death spiral, so if you don’t have Adrenaline Probe available, you’ll need to use Crippling Slice or Rifle Shot first, though that shouldn’t come up too often, and it is possible to do a rotation where you don’t have to use Rifle Shot at all, though you need to have mastered the priority to be able to do that. Besides it being not your job, a lot of bosses have fairly tight enrage timers, so if you’re having to waste your precious GCDs helping out another role because they can’t deal with what they are fully capable of dealing with, you’re gonna end up wiping to an enraged boss later anyway. Blue 276 augments ([Type] Augment 73 + Augmentation Kit Mk-11) provide about 88% of the benefit for about 6% of the cost of the purple 286 augments. This is basically just extra damage on this ability. Take this on specific fights only. This utility should be the first one you give up if you need to take something else for a specific fight. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff. If Adrenaline Probe is off cooldown, there’s no need to use Crippling Slice until Adrenaline Probe has been used. Calculated Frenzy – Dealing damage with Backstab grants Calculated Frenzy, which increases your ranged and tech critical chance by 10% for 15 seconds. 1-2 uses of this ability will allow you to regenerate enough Energy to use Corrosive Dart again. He also leads a raid team that has been around since late 1.0 and currently resides in on Satele Shan. There is an alternative for those of you that really enjoy filleting your victims with vibroknives and detonating explosives that you’ve injected into their bodies. This is really the only DCD you have that can protect you against a substantial amount of continuous damage. Your Shield Probe heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it collapses. Frag Grenade’s damage per use surpasses the following abilities after the following number of targets are hit: Crippling Slice needs to be used on cooldown whenever you’re using AoE abilities since they’re so expensive and Backstab needs to be used on cooldown, or at least once every 15 seconds in order to maintain the Calculated Frenzy and Acid Blade buffs. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​volatile_burst. There will be times when it almost looks like you’ll be able to do the sequence, but you’ll have to delay things for too long. I have never seen it used successfully in PvE. This ability has a very short cooldown and is relatively weak, so it won’t really protect you from a whole lot on its own. Countermeasures has 3 functions. This ability should only ever be used if Corrosive Dart is already on the target and you are still out of melee range. It has slowly worked its way up from getting lost in the lava caves on the way to Gharj in EV SM to completing timed runs in nightmare. Reduces the cooldown of Debilitate by 15 seconds. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here. Complete SWTOR Lethality Operative 6.0 Guide for the Imperial Agent covering both PvE and PvP - gearing, stats, utilities, abilities, priorities and tips. Star Wars: The Old Republic is set following an uneasy peace is established between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The only thing that really matters rotationally is the Energy refund. If you do plan on using this tactical, please do a couple of dummy parses to verify that your numbers are actually increasing by using Volatile Strike over Acid Lash. This can help you to skip some sets of trash in between bosses, though it isn’t worth using if you’re progging on that boss since someone is eventually gonna pull them all accidentally. While damage output alone is enough to make it so that you have to use it on cooldown, you have to consider if the target will die before you can trigger the damage. Courtesy of Czerka Corporations You will also have a harder time maintaining the Acid Blade DoT since you won’t have much control over when to use Toxic Haze, so you may want to consider using the Volatile Strike tactical instead since you have a bit more freedom in terms of when exactly you use Laceration when using that tactical and won’t be able to get as much DPS out of using Acid Lash since the DoT will fall off on occasion. This is completely fine, you’ll lose a lot more DPS if you run out of Energy. It also only has a 40m range, so be mindful on larger maps that it might not catch everyone and position yourself accordingly so that it catches as many people as possible. Try to get a sense of when you think this will proc or your APM will suffer and try to avoid having 3 stacks of TA around the time that you think this will proc so you don’t have to worry about wasting a TA. Which ability do I use right now that will provide me the most DPS? Volatile Strike does more damage and is more reliable than Catalyzed Toxins (Sanguinary Shot misses a lot despite having 110% accuracy. r/swtor. Exfiltrate is Concealment’s cheese ability thanks to the Shadow Operative Elite discipline passive. Consistently making the correct determination here is the most difficult and important part of the whole rotation. You will also have to manage your Energy more closely if you do Corrosive Dart. This is your hard stun, meaning it does not break on damage. SWTOR 6.0 New Assassin Ability Preview NEW SITH ASSASSIN ARMOR SETS AND SET BONUSES IN 6.0 Honestly, this is usually the best time for those abilities to become available since there isn’t nearly as much to consider with regards to the priority. Acid Blade – Dealing damage with Backstab applies a 6 second DoT, called Poisoned (Acid Blade) in StarParse, and increases your armor penetration by 30% for 15 seconds. In PvP, it means that part of this attack’s damage has extra chances to go through mitigation like shield and defense chance. Reviving will also fail if you take damage, if new enemies spawn, or an enemy begins casting something, so make sure that none of these things happen during the cast. Remember to start using Crippling Slice after using the first Adrenaline Probe! Countermeasures grants Curative Agent, causing your next single use of Kolto Probe to grant 2 stacks of Kolto Probe instead of 1. You can use Corrosive Dart instead of Rifle Shot, though you have to be a bit more careful since Veiled Strike is only an autocrit if it detonates Volatile Substance, so you don’t want to have Corrosive Dart detonate it instead. Repeat after me: “Adrenaline Probe is an offensive cooldown, not something I save and only use when I mess up my rotation and run out of Energy.” It may be a bit strange since it isn’t as straightforward as some of the other offensive cooldowns are, but rest assured that it is still an offensive cooldown. It can increase your defense chance by 200%. If I’m not activating an ability right now, why not? I’m Jaek, an Aussie NiM raider on Harbinger who started playing SWTOR properly at the start of 2016 (4.0). This ability allows you to put your entire group in stealth. :) ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. Alongside a new ability, Operatives will receive a bevy of Set Bonuses and Tactical items. Short video of the spell - Voltaic Slash (empire) / Clairvoyant Strike (republic) Only start using it if you dip below 70-75 Energy and there isn’t any guaranteed downtime coming soon. The Adrenal is a really simple cooldown. They are not worth the credits and in my personal opinion, BioWare should not have released them at all. For example, you want to use it 4 times in a 10 minute fight. Returning with some Post-Commentary Action!--Hello everyone this is Snoopy here back with another SWTOR video! Overload Shot and Noxious Knives reduce the movement speed of targets they damage by 40% for 6 seconds. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. In order for you to reflect any damage, you will have to take that damage. ability view for veiled strike. Technically, this utility along with Precision Instruments gives you a tiny DPS increase by allowing you to use Sever Tendon in place of Rifle Shots, but it isn’t worth the two utility points for a barely noticeable DPS increase. level 2. Do not use the 2 stacks of Kolto Probe proc unless there is downtime where you can’t deal any damage. Let me be clear, you don’t have to use this ability exactly on cooldown. Prey on the Weak – Laceration deals 10% more damage to targets affected by your Acid Blade DoT. In general, the goal of the rotation is to be able to use this ability as often as possible in order to minimize the number of weaker abilities you have to use. Toxic Haze deals more damage than any of your other abilities if you hit at least 2 targets with the full duration. The ability is pretty straightforward, if you’re within 30m of the boss, Holotraverse instantly teleports you to melee range and gives you a 75% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. 6-Piece: Activating Shiv and Veiled Strike or Blaster Whip and Bludgeon will grant Enforcer’s Critical Bonus making your next Volatile Substance and Corrosive Assault or Blood Broiler and Brutal Shots critically hit. It’s a bit complicated to describe when to use this ability since it varies depending on what other abilities you have available, how much Energy you have, and how many TAs you have. The only other purges in the game are Force Shroud and Force Barrier. When in doubt, I think it’s best to save your cooldowns to use them defensively, though not all of my colleagues agree. Let me be clear, Volatile Strike should not be used in NiM raiding. Even in the most ideal short burst DPS checks, Volatile Strike performs about equally to Acid Lash, but for anything longer and Acid Lash quickly performs far better. Since it’s on the GCD, you also shouldn’t use it if you’re within 30m of your target at least until you’ve already applied Corrosive Dart. Since this section of the guide is tailored towards making Concealment easier at the expense of DPS, I have also put some items in italics to indicate that they make the rotation more difficult in some way, but yield more DPS. The only real cooldown it has comes from its Revitalizers utility, which is tied to Stim Boost, which is an offensive cooldown. This DoT is harder to maintain though since it is shorter, so you really have to be on it with your APM. Dealing damage this way causes your next Backstab to critically hit. AoE damage is considered fluff if the adds do not need to die or if you are otherwise shirking your main responsibilities to deal more damage to adds. This makes it so that you don’t lose any DPS for a single GCD. If you delay it for more than a minute combined, you might only get to use it 3 times. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. Shares a cooldown with Shiv. Reduces the Energy cost of Debilitate and Sever Tendon by 5 and makes Sever Tendon immobilize the target for 2 seconds. Do not use Veiled Strike to detonate Volatile Substance as soon as you apply it unless it will immediately get detonated by Corrosive Dart or the Acid Blade DoT or it’s time to do the Veiled Strike Sequence.

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