The company who makes Special Kitty cat food is Menu Foods. Special Kitty is a house brand cat food of Walmart, which is known because of a variety of wet food, dry food, variety packs and pouches they offer. It has been difficult over the past few years to find a wet food that my 18 year old Calico will eat. But, I beg everyone to NEVER buy Pet Pride. The Special Kitty Indoor Formula Cat Food is a great meal that is recommended for cats of all life stages. We don’t use Special Kitty dry though-instead we feed Purina Indoor Cat Chow and they all love that! It is making all 3 of my cats sick and the oldest one is the worst. It comes with different flavors to choose from. I am going to see if he will switch foods and hopefully get healthier. Special Kitty Cat Food Recalled. This problem was discovered by the Quality’s Assurance of the company at the facility where it was manufactured. Remember to provide plenty of fresh water. Two days later, I have two dead cats and one very sick one. Perharps she’s a fast food cat at the end lol and until now, it’s working. Review. I’ve only had her for 4 days and last night she started having terrible diarrhea. When buying cat food you should not buy every food or pay attention to the prices only. The small pouches , they inhale their serving . But I am a cat lover and have 2 Taby cats called Toby, he’s 8 years old and Dory, she’s 3 years old. No guaranteed analysis provided on the Walmart site. The recall affects specific lots of Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Pate that is sold individually as well as in variety packs. I brought it back the next day and got a full refund. Just because your cat seems to prefer a certain brand that doesn’t mean its better for them. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New There is no real meat used on this recipe. This meal is made of high-quality wholesome ingredients that make it ideal for the overall needs of your cat. I am not worried about the ingredients. The Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Wet Cat Food is formulated to have 100% balanced and complete nutrition that your cat requires. I accidentally bought a 4 pack of Special Kitty several years after the first vomiting incident, and I thought maybe after the years the recipe might have changed, but no, one of my cats tasted it and a few minutes later she threw up, so I got rid of all the cans. It comes with 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Special Kitty is just one of the many cat food brands that are sold exclusively at a retail location. It has tender and soft bits that they can easily chew on. x_x. Its only when I’ve tried to switch brands that I had any problems. neither have any of my cats ever been sent to any vet….subject to any vaccinations…medications…or even get flea medicine…which I probably assume all of you and your cats have been subjected to….which raises questions to me that…while my cats are not subject to human intervention of chemicals….drugs and treatments….and who knows what else you give your cats…my cats are kept well away from all that….and have all turned out to be very healthy……which in turn it would raise high suspicions as to the real cause to much of all your sickness by exposing them to the vets….chemicals….drugs….and all that other malarkey….in case you all have forgotten cats and dogs…and all other animals have lived and survived on this planet for almost 6000 years without the need of vets…..and their man made pharmaceuticals…probing….invasive cutting and removing body parts…and other biological tampering….to which I have no need to expose my cats to such things….and by that….they are very healthy….instead of blaming simple corn products….I would take a look at all the unnatural crap that all of you are doing to your pets….by exposing them to all that man made bullshit…I believe god knew what he was doing when he made them….he doesn’t need your help making things worse…..than what they already are….. Not all cats can tolerate eating garbage full of carbs. This is an all life stage cat food. Special Kitty should be shut down for good. Most Special Kitty formulas have corn as their first two ingredients, which means that this is a very corn-heavy formula. But gluten free is a must and this is in blue glossy plastic type bag, & not X shaped. My cats loves this combination and he seems to be very healthy so far. He LOVES it! It cost me over $1000 at the vet. Del Monte claims they are correct and give a bunch of phoney info when questioned. It is ideal for cats that stay indoor and less active. It is 100% complete and balanced for kitten and adult maintenance. I transitioned him after that onto a very expensive cat food and now he’s very healthy and happy, his coat is very shiny and soft and he’s got a lot more energy.

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