This is an opportunity for the school administrator to informally meet with teachers, individually or as a group, and do the following: All-In-One Educational Technology Platform Designed Exclusively for Private PK-12 Schools, “At first, I didn’t believe that one platform could handle all my school’s needs. After a demo, we decided to go with MSP. Shouldn’t your ETP reflect that? We fully customize your MSP experience with a setup tailored to your school’s needs — we even use your own school’s terminology. Log and retrieve grades, track attendance, post assignments, and more. Please check your email for instructions on how to reset your password. From the Teacher Dashboard, tap the “Progress” tab in the purple bar to view student progress in the current section. Click on the student's name. If you jumped into the new year using traditional materials, you probably already have an idea how you will evaluate your student’s progress. If the weekly target is completed partially or not started, the circle will be yellow or red accordingly. 'Insights' is a powerful tool to allow you to monitor your students' progress. MSP has the ability to track and warehouse all of your school’s specific data requirements. Track student progress in the Grades tab. The progress tab shows how individual students are progressing through a Unit or Course (in this case, CS Discoveries, Unit 3).You can view student progress for entire lessons:Or zoom in to look at student progress on individual levels: We’ve got this down — all the expected stuff to help run a school like grades, attendance, report cards, substitutes, the works. With one platform for all information systems, each member of your community can connect with each other seamlessly, all the time. How do I view my student’s progress? Your request was processed successfully. Select Settings. If a student completes the target, the circle will be green. Assessment of progress. MSP is a powerful all-in-one School Information Management System (SIS). Integrating all your school’s information systems into a comprehensive technology platform can feel like a huge leap. MSP provides an always-available resource for you to track upcoming assignments, past grades, school events and more. Centralized cloud-based software with powerful reporting capabilities. By default, the weekly target is set to 45 minutes per week. Track student progress in the Grades tab. Reviewing a student’s progress at the same time as the initial IEP implementation fidelity check (i.e., after six weeks of implementing the IEP) may also prove valuable. Track and warehouse all your school’s data — anything about anyone in your educational community. What tools are available to make it easier? How do I view my student's progress? Are you one of them??? Note: You or your college/university need a Myprogress account in order to use this app. You can see at a glance those assessments at the end of the teacher’s guide or stapled in between the pages of the workbook. Issue logins and share with your community all the benefits they get from using MSP. Not only can you easily accept tuition payments and fees, but an e-commerce component allows you to sell uniforms, t-shirts, lab equipment, graduation caps and gowns, all from the Parent or Student portals. Deploy MSP onto your school’s website. My Students Progress. How Can I Monitor My Student's Progress in Canvas? To print an individual student's progress, follow the step-by-step instructions below: Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. Home; Staff . Get all your questions answered and discuss how MSP can really serve your school. You can track your students' mastery progress at the course level to see how the class is trending as a whole in the Course Mastery Progress Report. Think school closures due to inclement weather or natural disasters. 24/7 access to assignments, grades, teacher’s notes, class schedule and activity. The platform isn’t robust enough to handle your school’s unique needs. The Myprogress app allows you to complete assessments and forms offline, without the need for an active WiFi or mobile data connection. Easy-to-use platform to post syllabuses, grading policies, class photos, teacher bios, and much more. Please send us your feedback! Nor should you have to track tuition payments with one system, use another for school lunches, and another to accept cash at the front desk (through a something like a square device). This will generate a printable report of your student’s progress that includes their Elephant Age graph, details about the subjects they are currently playing, and the names of subjects they have already completed. Learn More About. He didn't seem to care as much as I did lol but thought I'd give a shout out to all my fellow # lefthanders! Observer/Parent Account Role in Canvas. It’s a major liability for you to appear unqualified or behind the times. Integrate them under one cloud-based platform at a fixed, affordable price per student. Perhaps you’ve heard a company promise integration only to discover it offers a watered-down version of many of these features. Anything you want to track at your school on anyone — in one place. (link in bio for this data sheet.) 5. No third party software required. We’ve built the most innovative, comprehensive, and powerful Educational Technology Platform (ETP) so that all of your school’s informational systems are integrated into one. We will train you and your staff on your platform so that integration is seamless and efficient. Switching between one information system to the next wastes time — for you, your faculty, parents and students. 24/7 access to assignments, grades, teacher’s notes, class schedule and activity. Password Reset: Note: Please enter your MSP security pin number and username. We know how important enrollment data is to private school administrators. Not only can you easily accept tuition payments and fees, but an e-commerce component allows you to sell uniforms, t-shirts, lab equipment, graduation caps and gowns, all from the Parent or Student portals. Easily access your data and strategically report on it. Offer an online school store and accept tuition payments, uniform fees, cap & gown fees, donations, before/after school care costs, lunch money, and enrollment/registration fees. If a parent moves or changes a phone number, school staff has to update data in all the different systems. St. Bartholomew School. Update them with grades, attendance records, teacher’s notes, extra-curricular calendars, assignments and more. Then, there’s tuition payments, fees, email blasts, teacher websites, online grading, and student data. The Elephant Learning Dashboard allows you to monitor your student’s progress from a high level, diving into specific details as you desire.

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