The spots may do nothing but affect the appearance of the plant. I recently moved up here from CA and had always had Pothos down in CA because they were so easy to take care of, taking abuse and would still live. When a plant gets Leaf Spot disease, the attacking fungus or bacteria leaves small brown spots trimmed in yellow where it is feeding on the leaves. Several types of diseases and infestations can cause brown spots on plants. Leaves of established plants yellow and die. I love this plant, I'm worried! 2. My Pothos Marble Queen develops brown spots that very slowly envelop the entire leaf until it dies off. Golden Pothos doesn't like much fertilizer. Symptoms of bacterial leaf spot may include black edged lesions, brown spots with yellow halos, or just light and dark areas on the foliage. However, the spots can also indicate a more serious disease such as late blight disease, which causes some plants to shrivel up and die. All these bugs feed by sucking the sap from the leaves and stems of your houseplants, damaging a small area around where they feed, causing brown or yellow spots … Pythium Root Rot: Cuttings have poor root systems and yellow leaves. It leads the pothos leaves to get brown or spotted with black spots. These seem to be the most common: 1 - Too much fertilizer. These spots may vary in shape, color, and size. If continued with this temperature, the plant will be surrounded by a black, brown leaf section. Brown spots (generally with some yellow/whitening surrounding them) on a Golden Pothos can be caused by a few things. Daily maintenance . As a result, brown spots may appear on the foliage. As with all other fungal and bacterial diseases, better air circulation, well-drained soil, dry leaves, and less water help control Leaf Spot disease. 1. Pythium Pothos, also known as Devil’s ivy, is a vining indoor plant with heart-shaped leaves. To save pothos from root rot trim off the infected roots. Not all the leaves turn brown and wilt like this. We should also cooperate with the appropriate drugs for prevention and treatment. In the case of extreme root rot, propagate pothos to get a new plant. Centers of the spots fall out under wet conditions. Once you’ve identified the causes, you’ll be on your way to find quick solutions. When soil becomes waterlogged, oxygen cannot reach the roots, which stresses the plant and prevents it from taking up water and nutrients. Q. Brown Spots on My Pothos Plants I live in Sequim, WA and have 3 indoor variegated Pothos plants. Pseudomonas cichorii: Avoid overhead watering. It seems to be picking them off one or two at a time. The brown area just feels like the leaf has gone limp, it's not stiff or hard or anything. Mealybugs, aphids, thrips, and scale are the other common culprits. Stems have a mushy black rot. We should cut off the diseased leaves as soon as possible and burn them together. Other sap-sucking pests can cause brown spots on houseplant leaves. It is very hardy and easy to care for. All 3 are developing brown spots on all of the leaves. I noticed brown spots on two of the leaves before I repotted the plant in September and thought it was due to the plant being too close to the window so I didn't really think it was a problem. Bacterial leaf spot on plants may manifest in several different ways. 2 - Root rot conditions. Water-soaked spots with yellow halos spread rapidly on leaves. Hi Everyone, I have a pothos that started as cuttings in a vase and eventually rooted over about 5 months. Once you've identified the problem, it's important to treat the spots. Then repot the plant to a new pot using fresh soil mix. Discard infected plants. If the pothos is infected with leaf spot disease, it will appear small spots at the beginning, and become small holes with the development of the disease. I do not overwater. Spots are irregular and measure between 3/16 and ½ inch (0.5 to 1.5 cm.) II. wide. Over-watering a pothos plant may result in brown spots on the leaves, especially if the soil is heavy and dense. They will stick to you from thick to thin, in almost all conditions but sometimes avoiding their needs may lead to browning of their leaves, brown tips in leaves, and spots on leaves. Like, a little bit every 2-4 months is plenty, if at all. Clean the remaining root system and then treat it with a fungicide to disinfect. Sometimes, the room temperature goes beneath 50-degrees Fahrenheit.

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