Using your Cricut, make a stencil, apply the stencil to some glass, put on some etching cream, wait and there you go – frosted glass! It's easier than you think! First, prep you glass surface by cleaning it with the isopropyl alcohol to remove fingerprints, dust, and grease. - Hello everybody, my name is Jennifer Maker. At this time, the Cricut Maker Engraving Tip is not designed to be used with glass. Push the bubbles down and smooth out the design as best as you can. Jun 3, 2019 - Learn how to etch glass for beautiful gifts and home decor projects. Recently, I fell in love with the look of etched glass and decided to learn how to etch glass on my own! Using Your Cricut Maker to Etch Your Save The Dates: Step 3 The Polish; Using Your Cricut Maker to Etch Your Save The Dates: Step 2 The Cut; Using Your Cricut Maker to Etch Your Save The Dates: Step 1 The Design; Using Your Cricut Maker to Etch Your Save The Dates: Step 0 Materials & Prep; Using Your Cricut Maker to Etch Wood Want to remember this? She’d accompany the custom-etched glass with a bottle of her favorite wine. Vanessa left the etching cream on for exactly three minutes and found perfect results. No special after care instructions needed, Vanessa promises. Use transfer tape to adhere the stencil to your glass dish. You can also curve the design which may help it adhere better to rounded surfaces. “For my next glass etching project, I will attempt a personalized father’s day gift for my husband. Before applying, make sure to stir the cream well. I jumped right in with a kitchen project to make an etched slate cheeseboard and coaster set – perfect for a present, or housewarming – and … I don’t recommend using removeable vinyl and it doesn’t stick as well and the etching creme can easily seep underneath your design (ask me how I know). Feel free to pin on Pinterest! A Cricut Expression is a personal die-cut machine that is versatile in cutting images and fonts from a variety of paper sheets. Can you use stencil vinyl rather than using actual removable vinyl? Use etching cream to etch the image into the bottom of the glass dish, according to package instructions. What is the purpose of using rust-oleum? Cricut. Jun 10, 2018 - Here's how to do glass etching with the help of your Cricut. The Cricut can also be used to cut vinyl words and phrases that can be attached to walls and other decor projects. We're going to cut your name out of vinyl and stick the leftover vinyl hole on the mug, which will expose the glass to be etched. Let the cream sit without disturbance. Now you can, show super easy it is to etch glass. My first Cricut glass etching project of this type was a wine glass I made for my mom for a birthday. You can buy these items at many locations, I just find Amazon convenient and Dollar Tree amazing! Let it dry completely after a thorough cleaning. Sanrio characters are registered trademarks of Sanrio Co., Ltd. And the images are copyrighted by Sanrio Co., Ltd. You will also want to pick up a bottle of Armour Etch. 7 Ways To Make Wedding Signs Using Your Cricut, Cricut face mask with window for deaf and hard of hearing communities, Wine glass (or other glass base you want to use)*. May 27, 2019 - Learn how to etch glass for beautiful gifts and home decor projects. High leaded glass, such as crystal, is more resistant to the cream (and in some cases, may not etch at all). Your email address will not be published. How to Engrave Acrylic with the Cricut Maker. All rights reserved. Vanessa chose the phrase “lesson planning juice” for her son’s teacher, Mrs. Ortiz. These lovely knockout designs make wonderful personalized signs, shirts, totes, and mugs. Total cost per wine glass: $4.25 or lower. I also found using rust-oleum tub & tile works great . Disney elements © Disney. bottle from Joann, Michaels, or AmazonCricut vinyl: starting at $2.99 per roll. Won’t that be hard to peel off after you etch? What Cricut Machines Work with the Engraving Tool. Customize glasses for a great gift. To create the etching pattern in the glass we are going to use Armour Etch. Take the weeded design and apply it to the clean glass surface using transfer tape. Keep in mind that the the cream reacts the minute it hits the surface. After scouring the web for all of the best tips and tricks to get great results, I finally had a go at glass etching and guess what? I'd like to receive the free email course. Find out how your Cricut to create stencils for glass etching. All rights reserved. Please note that this post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. ... With a Cricut Maker, you can use the engrave tip on metal, acrylic, leather, and more! Jennifer Marx is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to First, be sure to clean the glass well with rubbing alcohol. Carefully adhere the stencil to the glass surface by pressing firmly to smooth over the entire design. Marvel elements © Marvel. This process can be decorated with etchants. There are hexagon shapes preloaded and ready to go in Cricut Design Space. Wait for 3 to 5 mins and then rinse with warm water to reveal your etched design. Then, “make it” on your Cricut machine, and weed your design by removing the negative spaces of vinyl. Glass etching with a Cricut is actually a super easy project. Engraving Tip for Cricut Maker allows you to add personalize text or create monograms, draw decorative flourishes and embellishments, or inscribe your favorite quotes on a variety of materials. Cricut Maker: Machine Tour. Cover them with tape to prevent unsuspecting etches. What comes in your Cricut Maker box. Once the vinyl stencil is on the glass, a product called etching cream is applied, and it chemically erodes the glass to leave a frosted finish. I show you how to do the knockout technique in Cricut Design Space and then show you how to layer the knockout design in vinyl and apply it to a ceramic tile. May 8, 2019 - Learn how to etch glass the EASY way using vinyl decals and glass etching cream! Pro tip: Hold your stencil and glass up to the light to see if there are any accidental holes or tears in the vinyl. You get a large container for 20.00 from the hardwood store. The Easy Way to Etch Slate With the Cricut Maker. So, today we are going to cover how to etch glass and use your Cricut machine to make the stencils for etching. Rinse the etching cream off when ready to move onto the next step. material, and tool! You don’t necessarily need a Cricut machine to make this project, but it’ll help create a more precise stencil for better results. Today we are etching glass the right way with vinyl stencils. All rights reserved. However, true colored glass, where the glass is colored through and through, typically still reacts to the etching cream.

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