But, I can tell from this you need to do as I suggested. ChrisOLeary.com: ChrisOLeary.com > BUY > Hitting > Bat Drag: Bat Drag and Bat Lag are two terms that are often used inter-changably. Trigger, Trigger, Fire. Perfect gift for softball players from parents or grandparents. Learn how these 3 Flat bat variations can help cure weak roll over grounders. Step Behind. Light bat. 31 shares; Facebook 31; Pinterest; Purpose. Finally, bat drag happens when the back elbow gets between the body and home plate of the hitter or when the back elbow races forward past the hands in the swing. Try it out! Now find an open area and just start practicing your swing. Drag bunting softball can be done in a variety of cases. The Bat Drag Buster forces the hitter to keep their elbows locked, allowing them to work together to turn the barrel instead of the arms dragging the barrel through. With the bat drag buster on and a series of drill provided by the Baseball/Softball Rebellion, players can learn to also turn their barrels deeper and faster into the hitting zone and therefore eliminate their “drag”. bat drag; The Bat Drag Buster fuses the hitter’s arms and upper body into one unit, helping the hitter dramatically increase the force the hitter can create when swinging. Bat control is important, but so is bat speed. Using the Bat Drag Buster is another awesome way to eliminate rollovers. A lot of the same drills with the TEE. For example, you can practice how to direct the ball down the respective baselines. Bat Speed Drills BACK. Shawn said: I was working with an 8 yr old today who lowered the bat early (behind her). + Read More. When you increase the distance, you are still trying to throw it hard like a strike. It worked great to stop the leveling and then swing. Place them at the midpoints between home plate and each of the corner bases. For those softball coaches and parents out there that are looking for some softball hitting drills they can pass on to their youth players, ... You want to have a good foundation and feel for the swing before putting all of these movements together in the bat path drill. Home » Softball Drills » Softball Hitting Drills » Flat Bat Drill. Softball bunting is not entirely different than bunting in baseball. Bat-Drag is a common swing flaw with many senior softball hitters and is serious enough that it needs to be corrected. This page is for Bat Drag Buster Replacement Bands only! Yes, that's bat drag. Take a bat and shave it down on two sides to create flat surfaces. 1) She waits until the ball is halfway before she 'strides' (it's way, way too late then - the front foot MUST be down when the ball is halfway - .400 sec for pitch, .200 sec for 'swing') Back hip drill. Recently, the heel plan of the back leg and keeping it planted as long as possible has become a hot topic here a baseball rebellion. Grab your bat and a baseball bat weight or a weighted training bat if you have one. How it Works. I am with @Work=wins on this one with regards "drills" (btw by definition anything other than a game swing is a drill, including dry swings). Last edited: Feb 7, 2019. Hitting drills: Verti max (you can make your own). Including bat drag articles, bat drag videos, and bat drag images. To get more comfortable with drag bunting, try incorporating drills into your softball training. Keep the elbow in its original position longer. Articles. Place a tee in front of a net. Heavy bats always mixed in. What’s great about the Bat Drag Buster is that it can be used while hitting! There are two ways to use the BDB, and my favorite is with the white band between the elbows. Each box has over $250 retail value and delivered to your house quarterly. Feet together (tee and front toss), Happy Gilmore. She has to keep it up at the initiation of the shoulder turn. Softball Rebellion | Durham, NC | 919.309.0040. Similarly if your team is having a hard time and you want to bring up the morale by causing some uncertainly among the opponent team, drag bunt will achieve exactly that. Hit Lasers, HitLasers.com Bat Drag Buster Drills. CONFIDENCE! Maybe I'm more aware of all of the different terms because it's a game I'm most familiar with, or maybe there is just an extraordinary amount of verbage to learn. Dec. 1, 2012 – Art Eversole . Dec 15, 2013 35 6. Hit Trax or radar gun-INTENT! SoftballaBox is a training, swag and accessories box for softball players. The resistance drill helps you work on Rotational Acceleration, helping your body sequence properly. $10.00 for two (2) bands. Setup: You’ll need a partner, a couple baseballs, and a bat. What I pointed out will more than likely lead to the textbook "definition" of bat drag. Difficulty Level: Easy. Resistance. Do them on a field if possible. Heavy bat routine (You can make it yourself!) Latest information relating to bat drag. The Bat Drag Buster can really help a player feel the space between the elbows needed through their rotation. Bat-Lag is a normal and very necessary component of a sound swing that generates power effortlessly without over-exertion. Create More Power By Loading Through the Back Heel. Slow to Fast . The goal of the sacrifice bunt is to advance the runner to the next base, while you “sacrifice” yourself by being thrown out at first base. Leg lift drill. Hitting; Pitching; Everything Else; Pitching Drills; Back; Training Products. The "leveling" that some players do before they swing creates bat drag. A quick and easy drill involves just two milk crates. 'Bat drag' means the hands are behind the back elbow. Many softball drills focus on releasing the lower half and developing more powerful hitting. There are two different types of bunts for softball: sacrifice and drag bunt. This drill is done by just about every batter on the on deck circle and is easily done at home. The focus of this drill is to work on a good drag. Rebel's Rack Drills. home | Articles | Shop | Baseball Rebellion. Loaded with softball drills, videos and softball training tools to improve every softball player's skills. Drill Setup. ; Hit off a Tanner Tee in the low and away position. I highly recommend checking out www.chrisoleary.com He has great hitting advice and tons of drills to help eliminate bat drag…like the “Open Top Hand Drill”. In order to work on a good swing, you need to build towards it. How to Fix Bat Drag discusses one of the most common and problematic swing flaws in baseball and fast pitch softball hitters, a flaw that results from the hitter powering their swing with their arms and not their core. Launch angle cage (You can make it yourself!) The Step Behind drill will help you increase your rotational acceleration to generate more power, gi... Impact Bag. It is important maintain strong position in which your hips and legs will powerfully drive the ball. Feb 7, 2019 #9 P. pacman. I instructed and guided her on TTB immediately. Drill 1 Drill 2 We use drills that involve a moving ball 80-90% of the time. The band pulls the elbows together, and just like the drills before, the hitter must resist that pull. Bat Back & Stop Drills. By keeping the elbows apart, the hitter can no longer cast their hands out away from their body. There are alot of sequence drills that can help this. This is the only tee that will adjust low enough to reach knee high believe it or not. When the infield gaps are tight and the infielders are making it hard for you to slap the softball through, it is time for you to use the drag bunt. Blast Connect is an information analysis, reporting, player management, and coaching application for mobile and desktop. Also, she just has to have faith that the bat will get to the ball without any arm or hand action. Tips on Avoiding Dreaded Bat-Drag. Baseball Drills - Creating Bat Lag Vs Bat Drag By Nate Barnett Baseball terminology should be a class taught in college. Helping your hitters understand swing direction, barrel turn and proper extension. Then wrap tape around the barrel to prevent it from splintering. Place the tee directly off the back knee on the outside corner Products; Product Drills; Frequently Asked Questions ; Online Lessons; Back; TRAIN AT SR. Why Softball Rebellion? Facility and Technology; In-Person Training; Staff; Lace For your first five swings, you’re swinging all the way through to the back of your swing as fast as you can, focusing less on making good contact on the ball, and more on getting to the end of your swing. This is an aggressive drill with the pitch speed ultimately very similar to a fast ball – really quick through the bottom. Teaches player to hit through the baseball. The key to this bunt is to never drop your bat. We want to produce Bat-Lag, not Bat-Drag. Execution: This is a two part drill. The half turns drill is about mastering the correct sequence of movements to ensure success at point of contact. Place ball on tee.