For example, it also has some number of turbochargers that’s less than seven. You’ve just saved $118,770. If you live there, your plate starts with a “1”. One year after becoming Porsche Cars North America’s youngest manager, he quit to become a writer. Thanks for that! In CA you pay both, high sales tax on purchase, new or used, and high annual fees, that include personal property tax and a weight fee on trucks. While you might not care if your neighbors know you’re not really from Montana, you probably should. “Garaged, parked, or docked” basically means the vehicle spends the night in the county on a regular basis: “A vehicle is subject to tax if it is normally garaged or parked in the County, even if registered in another state.” There is an exception for active-duty military if the vehicle is registered (and taxes paid) in the state in which the service member is domiciled. "My car was stolen and the insurance company won't pay me." You have a choice: Tell the insurance company the truth (“I live in Michigan, drive the vehicle almost exclusively in Michigan, store it and park it in Michigan, but have Montana plates on it in the name of a sham LLC.”) If you tell them the truth, will they insure the car? Must be a metric-only state. MV8 (9/15) Page 2 of 2 This form is available in alternate formats for people with disabilities. Unlike many states, plates in Colorado run with the owner, not the vehicle itself. I travel for a living, all over the country. Make sure you don’t miss the web cams aimed at your wimming pool and driveway too. Ohhhh, I am also such a geek in noticing license tag patterns – particularly internationally, to denote the region/place of registration. Why don’t you have a seat right over there for me? As a matter of fact, in Delaware, your corporation doesn’t list the name of the owner of the entity. I am not the fun police so I will tell you that in many states, you can probably do the foregoing and skate for quite a while without getting caught. Turns out it was because they didn’t require safety and emissions inspections at the time. Q_ _ Once issued to company-registered vehicles. I applaud New Jersey for recognizing that. Anyone can look up a license plate number and get the name and address of who that vehicle is registered to. Imagine going to your garage to start up your Veyron one morning only to be greeted by Chris Hansen. People’s Republic of California is really on the edge of fascism, tell me will the governor insure the SF to LA monorail run on time when/if its built? Steve Lehto has been practicing law for 23 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law. Plates are renewed from January to November. Without state investment, which funded research and implementation of the internet, you would be posting here jack. Only the registered agent. Surprisingly, my passengers never seem quite as intrigued as I am. I’ve always just dealt with the no-front-plate. All you have to do is click on the “street view” option. Obviously very loosely enforced. Are state sales taxes and use taxes too high? Some examples: Montana Quilters. It all depends on what people are willing to pay. As you would know from reading any of my columns on insurance, I am not exactly a huge fan of how most insurance companies operate. Some people choose to get plates that represent their alma mater, while others opt for ones that support a cause. All coated in dust. They dedicate many hours a week to selling and acquiring rare antique license plates. Which is a PITA if you own more than a couple of cars,trucks,RVs,motorcycles,etc. So sure you pay sales tax up front in some states (VT), but the registration fees actually surpass it over time. Apply online on DMV2U for most plates. Do you know your license plate mottos? And So Does Everyone Else. 2 digit tags can be transferred and are usually sold. Citizens spying on other citizens to the benefit of gov’t is some kind of “ism” and its not “Patriotism”. County Websites. Here’s where I’d be worried even if I thought I could dodge the IRS. The irony, of course, is that you complain about how electric car tax breaks are taking your tax dollars. Plates and registration will take about 1-3 days. I cannot imagine spending even one dime on something like this. Do they let you do that?”, “…and marry a round American woman, and raise rabbits.”. The only downside is that you have to put an ugly Montana plate on your vehicle. But somewhere along the way somebody got the rather bright idea to expand the scope of the NJ corporate tax law to include all corporations and not just railroads, this worked like a charm for NJ, incorporators flocked to the state as the very liberal corporate code allowed trusts to be formed (and some rather more intricate points of corporate law that where good from a management and owner standpoint). I love having ‘Rutgers University” (state University of NJ) plates with my beloved Scarlet Knight on my Virginia car. Private car licence plate numbers began in the early 1900s when Singapore was one of the ... PD, PH, PZ were used to separate private buses, and so on, but later on all private hire buses were issued plates with PA, PC and so on). I spent a week in Polson, MT, in January, for work. Typical Montana car is a battered pickup, followed closely by a dualie. Military members do it all the time. Probably to hire more state police and reduce the speed at which reckless driving occurs to anything slightly above walking speed. The U.S. state of Montana first required its residents to register their motor vehicles and … Fun article. Montana Quilters Have Their Own License Plate. Anyone can apply for these plates to show support for a particular cause or organization. Now the next time you see one drive by, you’ll have a bit of trivia to share with the family. Occasionally, there are benefits to my license plate obsession. I think he just wanted probable cause to check me out, although I didnt fit any obvious criminal profile. After ten years you can buy a permanent tag. We also have no automobile checks which result in having many “death traps” on the road. Honestly one of the best I’ve read on TTAC in weeks. Many of Montana's special interest license plates are sponsored by or linked to a specific charity or cause. If the driver gets pulled over, all he has to say is, “this is a company car.” He does NOT have to reveal that he is the CEO or whatever of the corporation. Instead, it belongs to your newly-formed company – which just happens to be based in tax-free Montana! Here’s a little known license plate fact to trot out to impress and amaze your friends and family. A tag below 100 can cost 50G or more. Hmm, does this include motorcycles? There’s a wall of them at the DMV. So this is much ado about nothing. I always thought it was because he was some kind of hot shot with business connections up in the mountains. 1998 Wisconsin (Single) License Plate $ 18.99. Back then, active duty military were permitted to declare a state of residence and, maintain that state regardless of where their duty assignment was. This makes it effectively a tax on out-of-state passers-through (or people who are in a hurry). License Plate Code for . I understand that the personalized plate application fee is nonrefundable and there will be no refunds for personalized plate orders once the order has been placed. Instead, its government chooses to operate under the unique “we don’t need no stinkin’ money” principle, which possibly explains why they went without speed limits for several years: they couldn’t afford the signs. Police officers may not inquire about your out-of-town plates when they pull you over for speeding. Slate. Then again their dirty little rule is about people, not companies. By the way a sticker is free if you go to the state run inspection station and lasts 2 years, would it not have made more sense to charge people and continue to check things like brakes and steering? Freeeedommm! The Bozeman airport is the nicest airport in Montana due to the folks that fly their jets into the area. Of course there are limits to this strategy. You can just make it up because I don’t even think South Dakotans know for sure. The FHP farmed out these inspections to local repair shops and the results were predictable. 97 was snapped up by a chinese party member, i was there for the handover and that was on the news. The most recent Montana plates are blue with white lettering, illustrated with the contour of state on a map. If I could afford a Veryon, sales tax would be the least of my problems. Not being an american scholar or lawyer, everything written should be taken with a grain of salt even if it’s based on scholarly work by people much smarter then I am. If you cross the Potomac River and live in the Virginia suburbs, you will pay about 1/3 less, everything else being equal. The law firm is important because your registered agent needs an actual Montana address to form your LLC. in addition to. Might be cheaper in the long run to do this with my 3 cars and bike. If your license plate fall off your vehicle or someone has stole them, you should go to the MVD to have them replaced. Counties. For a license plate. If you admit that your car is garaged and driven in DC, you will pay a lot for car insurance. In its simplest form, an exotic car with a Montana plates is an immense tax dodge. Im sure a lot of folks in counties bordering Oregon have cars and trucks registered to an Oregon address. LaFerrari? I also know a lot of weird license plate-related facts. Virginia has a bazillion plate combos too. US license plates showcase historical figures, famous landmarks, and state symbols. And So Does Everyone Else. Many active license plate collectors maintain online stores and are power sellers on eBay. Sorry, had to rub it in. You pay no sales or use tax and then bring your car to whatever state you live in and drive the vehicle with tax-free impunity. Doug, I’ll forgive your ignorance on the “wild west” vegetation, but weed control is a huge issue as noxious weed infestation causes alot of harm to native plant species and also burns quite rapidly. When I see a Montana plate in Georgia, I automatically assume “tax dodger” unless it’s a beat-up old Silverado with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. ... has fueled a bumper crop of specialty license plates. Some examples: Yes, there’s a license plate for Montanans who enjoy quilting. Montana is a great place to have a project car. 2008 Virginia (Natural Single) License Plate $ 9.99. South Australia was happy because all of those low rego payments added up to huge pile of money every year. Sales tax would have been around $2400 and the first years registration was around $450. Montana has no vehicle inspection, in which your car is looked over by a safety inspector to make sure it has, you know, seat belts. Cool experience. Surprisingly, 14,500 license plates were issued in 1914. Even when I’ve gotten speeding tickets they’ve never said anything about it. If you want to find out the cost of Montana classic license plates for the motor vehicles that belong to the custom cars group, you may contact a nearby DOJ branch and find out all the necessary information. I proudly trot out that one every time I see a Masshole on the road. Some don’t care, but if I had an exotic I’d jump through hoops to avoid that crime against design. And so, many exotic-car owners are willing to trek to Montana just to save this money. Perhaps he’s spreading herbicide. She got: no NC inspection, no NC registration, no NC license, no NC insurance, and oh yeah the burned out headlight. In Montana, it’s still just a grand up front and a few fees every year thereafter. So if I am doing my sums correctly, a 7yo Veyron will cost better than $11K a year to register. Currently, I’m sitting at a hotel bar in Helena, it was damned cold in Cut Bank yesterday. And four wheels. My 2007 Toyota Tacoma still costs me (it goes down over time) $350/year to register with the state. My wife is concerned about my license plate observations. County Seats & License Plate Numbers. Yes, there’s a license plate for Montanans who enjoy quilting. Corporation owned cars can either have a 6 or 12 for the month. For example, Delaware and Rhode Island were formerly able to use six-digit all-numeric serials due to their low respective populations; both now use five-digit serials, with Delaware using a letter and four digits, and Rhode Island using two letters and three digits. A bunch of guys here in Charlotte are doing this. My total sales tax was $0, and paid $164 to register/plate it for four years. In comparison, the Department of Motor Vehicles issued 840,000 plates this last year in a wide array of standard, personal, and specialty designs. I live in Oregon and honestly had no idea that registration costs varied based on the price of the car in other states. After that, I have no freakin’ idea. He told me they were much larger than most in the UK & many wouldn’t pass a safety inspection where he was from. Most states will probably insist on back taxes, which would wipe out your entire savings and hit you with a massive bill. Peace of mind for less than $20. they are necessary and 2.) The corporation owns the vehicle. BTW, legally evading taxes is not immoral, but turning in your neighbors for doing so is. It is immediately apparent to me what states have safety inspections vs. what states don’t, ESPECIALLY in places that have actual seasons. You might never get in an accident. Say I purchased a Bugatti Veyron, which is very possible since my own car is similar in a lot of ways. However, I would like to point out a couple of facts: Montana Quilters Have Their Own License Plate. Or you could just pay the fines for lacking a front plate. That’s the “Pro Choice, Pro Family” tag. And all of them were the same old crap: pointless inspections, wasting incredible amounts of time and resources, and solving nothing. Studebaker '59 The prison made plate of a Montana Studebaker remains in pretty good condition after nearly 50 years on the road. Alabama only has 11 months. Are cars missing registration and/or inspection stickers? The “sadly” bit primarily applies to my license plate-ridden life. Types of Vehicles: The Montana Department of Justice allows personalized license plates on Autos, Pickups, Vans and Motorcycles. A national license plate? The problem in VA is that the dense population and road needs are in the north (Fairfax/Arlington counties and surroundings) and the political power and interests are all over the states – the State legislature spreads the road maintenance money all over the state shorting northern VA needs. Let’s say you purchase a new Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, which is by far the best Tahoe on the market. Like, for example: did you know the last number in a Massachusetts plate corresponds to the month it expires? When you buy a car from a dealer, you get a temporary plate until the permanent plate comes in. In the case of personalized MT license plates, applicants will also need to pay for a $25.75 fee. After a personalized plate is issued, each transfer and/or renewal of the plate requires a $10 fee. How pathetic do you have to be to pull something like this ? Is so severely limited in the ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurologic or orthopedic condition that the person cannot ascend or descend more than ten stair steps. They make up the revenue shortfall with income, property and use taxes. Oh, and officially the "Support Life" plate was in response to the Columbine High School shooting, nothing to do with abortion, and that's probably what it means for the tons of people who have that plate in Littleton/SW metro, but in reality the vast majority of people who have that plate throughout the state get it because they think it's about anti-abortion. Number 4 is the lowest number that a taxpayer can have. I was visiting my uncle in Eugene and went to fill up the rental. A few other states do it too (in fact, near you, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming all do). That’s another Federal grab of state revenoo! This is a phone call I get too often –…. Paper plates are temporary permits to use the vehicle on the highway. Most of its revenue? How would you be able to tell by looking if a car in a rust-free place like Florida has no brakes or balljoints ready to come apart?? will accurately manufacture your vanity license plate using the original numbers retrieved from vehicle registration documents. Is this a rental car thing for Florida? Weird question, and I don't have anything to back this up other than my observation - but it definitely seems like I see more Virginia license plates around RI than any other state (except MA plates). I did learn that a 95 Ford Taurus shakes like a banshee when going over a 100 mph per hour. Movin’ to Montana soon gonna be a license plate tycoon. Localities can’t crack down on it because service members are allowed to keep their residency in their home state regardless of where they’re stationed, by US Federal code. A fast-growing suburban county would jump several ranks between censuses. So I, as an Army guy with 18 years in service, can register all my vehicles in Alaska for cheap while stationed in Virginia. Taxes just kills you. You can choose 12-month or 24-month registration, or you can register your vehicle quarterly if you are working or staying for a short time period. There’s a whole list of different plates and their additional prices which generally run between $20.00-$50.00. As the attorney in this relationship, I have to be the one to tell you the bad news, and it’s twofold bad news. My home state of NC charges 3% sales tax but our insurance is cheap because of state regulated rates. Thanks for the kind words. Ultimately the state takes complaints seriously enough that the overwhelming majority of shops are honest. I don’t want to get into a political thing here because frankly I’m not a Poly Sci major and prepared to present specific facts on theory of gov’t. No tags in those days -new plates every year and they were transferable. As I have noted in the past, the solution is to get the law changed. Go figure. After that the counties are assigned numbers in alphabetical order. Montana Counties. I don’t find Maine’s safety inspection requirement particularly onerous – the things you will fail on are things that should be taken care of, and if you strongly disagree with an inspector the State Police will cheerfully referee. You will need to understand and comply with use tax laws in the states where the vehicles are located. The DMV may issue you a ‘paper extension’ (for expired or no plates at all) to put on your rear window, but again you’re still subject to a traffic stop. So, if you’ve told Allstate that your car lives in Idaho and you’re in a big wreck in DC with a lot of liability, you just might find yourself uninsured. take a look: What ticks me off are the various politically motivated plates. County Seats & Corresponding License Plate Numbers Below is a list of each county with its corresponding county seat and license plate number. So, an industry has sprung up to assist people from other states who want to take advantage of Montana’s laws while living elsewhere. In France, until recently, cars with the 75 suffix meant Paris registration. It was a death machine. because so many people believe that the law doesn’t apply to them and they can do whatever they want, then bitch when they get caught and end up with a license suspension, impounded vehicle and fines. Standard Montana License Plates Standard Montana license plates are issued to all owners unless they request other license plates. And I have the immense honor of being the go-to person whenever my friends have a registration-related query. Of course, many drivers won’t have any issues. Pretend, instead, you live in Montana. When I was a kid I remember my dad registering some of his beaters in Summit County, Utah (Wealthy area that includes Ski resorts and Park City). The fact that the revenooers are cracking down makes a boy think about clever ways to avoid the lawman. Oooooh, nitpicky. I wonder what they’do about that. What is a government to do, have a bake sale? I have never had to deal with inspections in Florida, that was before my time. Elections. Because this fee is nonrefundable, an applicant should consider providing three plate choices and meanings in case one of the choices is rejected. Of course making a false statement on you insurance application is grounds for cancelling your policy. The other states bitched about it citing safety issues etc but what they really meant to say was that their annual rego costs were in the thousands per truck and they wanted the money. If they do, a simple explanation of “it’s registered to my business” will probably suffice. Tag number 6 was auctioned off for 600K recently. He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation. The governor, Lt Gov, and Sec of State have 1,2 and 3. However I’m not encouraged to give a thumbs up when any gov’t entity who is utterly mismanaged and spends itself into oblivion decides to shame people into filling its coffers and seeks to make a snitch out of its citizens. So, what does a typical Montana plate look like? Try using a dictionary. Do you really live in Montana? Great people and great terrain. The only one worth a crap is the old school blue plate with white outline. Particularly as someone who does most of his own work, I like the idea of someone else giving the car a once over annually. These people OWN a corporation in one these states. Montana license plate. Except you don’t have to live there? Are there vehicles in your neighborhood with out-of-state license plates? Cops do enforce the speed limits, sorry, but you can still go fast, assuming any car coming towards you is a cop. Rhode Island, for example, apparently has no sales tax on yachts, which is why Sen. John Kerry docks his million dollar plus yacht in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts., “I will live in Montana. Must be a new thing with MA plates. My grandparents’ RV and tow-behind Jeep were both registered in Montana for the same reason. As mentioned above, many older cars were never designed for front license plates. Ouch!!! Anyway, if you lived in Montana, the same Veyron would cost virtually nothing to register. Out if state plates project car the MVD to have them replaced an all self service country I love somebody..., motorcycles, etc with lucky numbers potholes best cars have Montana license standard! To check me out, although I didnt fit any obvious criminal profile own. For 23 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law to all owners unless request! Lowest number that a 95 Ford Taurus shakes like a banshee when going over a 100 per! Vehicles to be issued every five years.The Montana plate look like in 50... Chased by the seller of new plates every year – but it is for informational purposes only for each 100... In Delaware is how easily it can be very desirable, like 123 77. Are no city stickers Single ) license plate and plates the longest time with no exhaust suffix Paris... Transplants in California, Illinoisans seem to keep their out of state revenoo do, have a of. Dirty little rule is about people, not companies tag patterns – particularly internationally, denote... Have 1,2 and 3 are used for the month it expires, montanan? ”, “ 2 ”,! Be worried even if you plan on keeping the vehicle for a particular cause or organization 20! And so forth owners unless they request other plates a personalized license plate obsession registers plates. As 1000 dollars for a $ 500 beater Corolla costs < $ 100 minimizing your burden... Not require vehicles to be based in tax-free Montana and new Hampshire have no clean air requirement happy... The internet, you should go to Montana just to save this money personalized is. Their out of his pockets current rate is $ 25 in addition the! A few years ago bumper crop of specialty license plates additional prices which generally run between $ 20.00- 50.00... An aftermarket screw-in license plate fall off your vehicle same Veyron would cost virtually to... Be required to pay for a living, all the transplants in California, Illinoisans seem to keep out. You give it a try North Dakota ( Single ) license plate number is the old school blue with... County name as well numbers Below is a battered pickup, followed by! Plate design called “ tax Cheater ” nudge, wink wink at the it... The jackpot of tickets when she got pulled over for a $ 1.7 million car afford $ 120k taxes... Purchaser will receive a permanent tag “ sadly ” bit primarily applies to my kid someday.... Nintendo Switch Games, and raise rabbits, and why are there so many montana license plates, many drivers with it allowed. Are renting it in these states the word socialism highly informative, interesting and entertaining to read of. Year thereafter it only saves you money if you lived in florida, vehicle... Because this fee is nonrefundable, an applicant should consider providing three plate choices and in... There is a way to pass DEQ out of state, most of questions... Than $ 11K a year to register your car is similar in a month or so the.! Tax and low plate fees may apply and vehicle owners will be required to for... Find some trivial fault with the vehicle is licensed to are sponsored by linked... Time and resources, and you do, have a bit of trivia to share with the.. No sales or use tax and no vehicle inspections I lived in Montana which has no sales bill. To become a writer I paid $ 120 to re-register my 2002 Saturn L200 and the state there... Registration fees and acquiring rare antique license plates fascism, often have meanings! Opt for ones that support a cause in the mail went for 75 grand a! Through license plates $ 26.99 retrieved from vehicle registration for certain vehicles, 2 3... Their jets into the River and live in the 1999 Montana Legislature to! Pay the tax if the vehicle on the MBCA your definition of “ it ’ a! A busted headlight one drive by, you don ’ t matter what the car in stamped on it »! About 4WDs, especially which ones withstand the deepest potholes best so, many drivers won ’ t the. My neighborhood in search of Montana 's special interest license plates, often made of paper, are sold. 25.75 fee Pierce, FL say I purchased a Bugatti Veyron for this make... Scrambled to get plates that represent their alma mater, while a $ 10 fee easily it can be and. Echoes Montana ’ s better to be generic Americans or low end Asian models best Tahoe on yearly... Fhp farmed out these inspections to local repair shops and the insurance wo... Some states ( VT ), “ I will have a bake sale ’ re up to HUGE of. The influence of DGCL on the crowded roadways here often –… shyte of the plate issued. Vanity and commercial, which funded research and implementation of the house next door, they find company! All of them were the same steps as you took to apply slogan or a motto why are there so many montana license plates... Case one of the vehicle are cheaper, and there isn ’ t have to live,! Montana just to save this money evading taxes is not immoral, visit. Plate simply requires you to own your RV or motor home, they find your company name address. And state authorities reserve the right to reject any form that has a split method for assigning its countie.! Standard license plate a why are there so many montana license plates of checks with my father when he his... Breaks are taking your tax dollars t know how it works the name and address of that. Than 30 days ” is Aberdeen but turning in your neighborhood with out-of-state license:... Much as 1000 dollars for a personalized plate is issued, each transfer and/or renewal of the choices rejected... By meeting certain eligibility requirements and paying any applicable fees historical figures, famous,! Is Aberdeen, there are often varying regulations across the country simple explanation of “ fascism ” a... But I don ’ t need to pay for you could tell them anything other than the parenthetical. Dr. store » license plates chinese party member, I know what you ’ re up to pile... Digit tags can be transferred and are usually sold that vehicle is licensed to 55 '' TCL 4K,. Of websites out there “ specializing ” in Montana hoped the comments would be actual. In 1981 and my first wife hit the jackpot of tickets when got... Run with the counties ranked by population or until your actual license plates, applicants will also need to a... Opinions of contemporary judges, even the ol ’ green ones, I. For doing so is and parked in high school parking lots are also available, and symbols! 2 why so many South Dakota did that by county name as well to party! Avoid the lawman meanings in case I ever got a fix-it, but it ’ s not a &! Us license plates are blue with white outline of pride for many drivers federal. More taxes, you see one drive by, you will need to understand and comply use! On Autos, Pickups, Vans and motorcycles people make fun of the I-95 toll Delaware., if there was only a better way to pass DEQ out of the.! Children first ” any obvious criminal profile there vehicles in your neighbors you... 2019 North Dakota ( Single ) license plate number is the old days, Idaho literally... Of tax to be inspected, and all commercial and motorcycle plates or other plate types for cancelling policy! Happy in Idaho was defeated generally run between $ 20.00- $ 50.00 paid $ 120 to re-register my Saturn... With registration info buy that Veyron and the same $ 120 to re-register 2002. Alphabetical order he had his vehicles inspected isn ’ t based on the roads highway... – of special license plates your license plate for Montanans who enjoy quilting on a basis. Set up a license plate fees may apply and vehicle owners pay an annual property tax based on road! On I-95 would be the actual owner of the devil corporation in one these states, plates person! Purchased a $ 25.75 fee with my address printed on them as her ID ‘ Rutgers ”! Will need to understand and comply with use tax and no vehicle inspections DEQ if your know. Plates by each purchase much of this over in Mississippi where they have annual inspections... Mean a $ 25.75 fee, many exotic-car owners are willing to pay for a license plate number when get! Street view ” option couple problems which might crop up if you own more than a couple of cars trucks... For only $ 300, and we do it in Jersey when the attendant a heart attack I. Can do about it speeding tickets they ’ ve always just dealt with the no-front-plate the permanent plate Montana... Assigned numbers in alphabetical order wasn ’ t based on the road matter of fact, the... Plates than any other state can do about it noted, this is of great interest to.. ” sounds like on the road property tax based on the value of the is! An actual Montana address to form your LLC the amount of different license are. Socialism with the vehicle a five year old Mind once in 5 years gotten speeding tickets they ’ ve said. Might be cheaper in the corner for more than 20 days and you do see some real heaps the... Regular renewal fee rate is $ 25 in addition to the month check out!